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So someone you know has been arrested, and they've called you to get them out of jail. You've never dealt with this situation before and you don't know where to start. Well, this web page is designed to help you understand your options, and give you some things to consider before making your decision. Reading through the first few pages of this Columbia, Missouri bail bond site should arm you with enough information to help you make a good decision. If you have questions, or want help getting someone out of jail, contact us, now!

A person can bond out of either the Boone County Sheriff’s Department or the Columbia, Missouri Police Department, or any other mid-Missouri jail by either paying the required bond or paying a Missouri bail bond agent to bond them out of jail. For unusual cases, a bond amount will be set by a judge at the time an arrest warrant is issued, or the first time the arrested person appears before the judge. Contact us now!

When a person is arrested for a common crime, however, such as a Missouri DWI, the Boone County, Missouri court judges have a pre-set bond amount for the arrested person to get out of jail for each charge they are facing.  The arrested person can simply pay the pre-set bond amount, or they can call the Columbia, Missouri bail bond agents at Bozarth Bail Bonds to bond them out for less money than they would have to pay to the Boone County, Missouri jail.  If the arrestee pays the cash amount of the bond to the Boone County, Missouri jail then that bond money will be given to the court and held until the criminal charges against them are resolved through a dismissal, plea agreement, or trial.  The cash paid to the Boone County, Missouri jail will be applied to any court costs and fines imposed by the judge. For more information see our page: What is a bond?

Did You Know?

  • If you use a bail bond agent then you not have to come up with the full bail amount due at the time you are arrested.

  • If you are found not guilty, any amount of money paid to Court is fully refundable. 

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