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4 Imperative Steps to Help Your Arrested Friend or Family Member

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Whether you witnessed it firsthand or got a late-night phone call from the jailhouse, someone has been arrested and they need your help. So what do you do?

Unless the charge is substantial or the arrested party poses a risk if released, they can likely be released on bail or bond. Follow these four steps to help your friend in need get out of jail quickly.

1. If you are present during the arrest, remain calm and advise the arrested person to remain calm and respectful. Their demeanor and level of aggravation could affect the conditions and amount of their bond.

2. Find out the charge and specifics of the bond set by the judge. If you or your family can pay the bond in full, you may want to do so. The court will refund your bond when the case is complete.

3. Contact Bozarth Bail Bonds at (573) 442-7766 or (573) 442-7676. We will help you and the arrested individual through the bail process and provide the funds to cover their bail amount. We will then work with the charged person until your case is resolved.

We specialize in helping those who have been charged with felonies

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Felony charges are typically accompanied by large bail amounts. If your friend or family member has been charged with a felony and you do not have the funds to fit the bail, call Bozarth Bail Bonds. We facilitate the entire process and help the individual through the process of preparing for their initial court date. Call us at (573) 442-7766 or (573) 442-7676 to help someone who has been charged with a felony in the Columbia, MO, area.

We’re conveniently located right by the Columbia, MO, jail

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Bozarth Bail Bonds is within walking distance of the Columbia, MO, jail, and we work with their staff daily, which means we can quickly get your friend or loved one released. You don’t even have to be present to complete the process. Simply fax or mail the required paperwork, and our Columbia, MO, bail bondsman will take care of the rest.

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